Protests shut down Monsanto
in Davis, CA

Protests Shut Down Monsanto in Davis CA.

A coalition of activist organizations demonstrating at the Monsanto office in Davis CA. successfully caused a shutdown of the multinational chemical and biotech company offices there on on Saturday, March 17.

The shutdown took place on the first day of a planned weekend of activities in Davis, intended to spotlight and oppose the activities of Monsanto in this country and abroad. Upon announcement of the shutdown, Monsanto instructed employees to stay away from work.

Monsanto is known for developing controversial chemical products for farming, landscaping and pest-control such as DDT, PCBs, Agent Orange, rBGH (Bovine Growth Hormone), and Roundup. Over the last 20 years the corporation has shifted its research focus to bio-engineered seeds and GMOs (genetically-modified organisms). Significantly, the University of California, Davis is a top-ranked research university recognized as a leader in agriculture and sciences.

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