Advertisers have fled Limbaugh like the plague

All the Ads Pulled from Rush Limbaugh’s Show
Associated Press
Elspeth Reeve
Mar 6, 2012

Less than 10 companies had pulled their ads from Rush Limbaugh’s radio show Tuesday, when The Atlantic Wire counted the ads still running on the Washington, D.C.-area WMAL broadcast. Since then, the number pulling their ads has more than doubled.

Here’s our tally of the companies — both national and local — who’ve stopped supporting Limbaugh, despite his apology Monday for calling Sandra Fluke a prostitute for her testimony before Congress.

Update: We’re trying to keep a running tally of all the advertisers who’ve pulled their spots from Limbaugh’s radio show — or say their ads aired during his show were done so by mistake — but it’s tough! If you see a company that’s pulled its ads not listed among the 50 here, send an email or tell us in the comments.

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