Who really won in Nevada? (Did Ron Paul really come in third?)

Nevada Election Result Likely Fraudulent, Ron Paul Votes Seemingly Discarded
Posted on February 7, 2012 by Gekko
by Daniel aka ‘Vision Victory’, Future Money Trends:

Something Is WRONG with the Nevada Election Results. normally doesn’t comment on politics, but we have to mention this as there is definitely something wrong with the Nevada election results. First off, this was a very small election, so getting the results should have been easy. Yet for some reason, the Nevada State Republican party took 3 days to give us a final count of only 32,894 votes.

***No matter who you support, anytime we have something wrong with an election, it effects all of us, so we should all be concerned. Did Ron Paul Really Come in 3rd?

One clear trend in this 2012 election is that Ron Paul’s support is much larger than it was in 2008. For example, when you compare 2008 to 2012 vote totals, Ron Paul has increased his support in each state, significantly.

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