US Marines pose with Nazi SS symbol in Afghanistan

Panetta calls for new probe into Marine photo
Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — Defense Secretary Leon Panetta told the Marine Corps on Friday to re-investigate and take appropriate action against the Marine snipers who posed with a logo resembling a notorious Nazi symbol.

The top Marine officer apologized for the incident and ordered his commanders to look into the use of such symbols by snipers and reconnaissance Marines and make sure they are educated on how inappropriate such actions are.

The rapid-fire announcements came on the heels of demands from a leading Jewish organization and others for President Barack Obama to order an investigation into the incident and to hold the troops accountable.

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1 reply on “US Marines pose with Nazi SS symbol in Afghanistan”

What an insult to WW2 veterans.
I would hope that this is an isolated case of ignorance.
Amos has apologized and I’m satisfied with his actions on this incident, but I’m still
concerned that there are troops that are members of the nazi party.
The military needs to conduct background checks on their people before giving them a
.50 cal sniper rifle.


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