The bogus charge of “voter fraud” is used to block the vote (5 items)

From Ellen LaVan Schindler:

1) Voter fraud law draws demonstrators in Tampa
The law, aimed at preventing voter fraud, drew people on both sides of the issue, who demonstrated before the hearing of a US Senate Judiciary sub-committee, as Senator Nelson requested, to highlight what he and other Democrats believe make it harder See all stories on this topic »

2) Protesters at voter suppression hearing say it’s about voter fraud, not …
Palm Beach Post by Andrew Abramson | January 27th, 2012 TAMPA — protesters outside today’s US Judiciary Sub-Committee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Human Rights in Tampa, said House Bill 1355 is not about voter suppression, but about countering voter fraud.
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3) Suppressing votes or preventing fraud?
MyFox Tampa Bay
The heated battle over new voter rules spilled over in downtown Tampa. The new voter laws that the governor signed off on in may have to do with early voting and signing up new voters. The new rules are said to be designed to prevent voter fraud, See all stories on this topic »

4) Voter ID bills decried by Democrats advance Richmond Times Dispatch
“I don’t know why we have this bill in front of us if we don’t have documented cases of voter fraud or problems at the polling place,” added Del. Kenneth C. Alexander, D-Norfolk. Republicans argued that the bill is a common-sense solution to a problem See all stories on this topic »

5) Iowa secretary of state proposes voter ID plan
Iowa City Press Citizen
Jeff Danielson, a Cedar Falls Democrat and chairman of the State Government Committee, said there’s no evidence voter fraud is a problem in Iowa or has ever affected the outcome of an election. Schultz’s latest bill also will go through his committee.
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