James O’Keefe committed voter fraud in New Hampshire—and he should pay for it!

From Dr. Kris Juffer:

If you haven’t already done so, you really may want sign this petition.
O’Keefe (below) is also the guy who got the head of NPR fired when O’Keefe people recorded the NPR Funding Chairman saying negative things about the Republicans over a private dinner.  The former NPR  head was a good Progressive who had been at NPR since its beginning in the mid 1960s, and understood the non-partisan nature of the broadcast network, who was pro-American people ( and OK with corporations doing business, but not running government and the country), and who supported the democracy-building purpose of NPR and public broadcasting.   Therefore the Neo-Cons wanted to get rid of her.
The Republicans need to know that the laws apply to them, too.
Ka, please sign the petition calling for an investigation of James O’Keefe for committing voter fraud in New Hampshire.

James O’Keefe, the right-wing prankster who became famous for a doctored video that led to the downfall of ACORN, recently coordinated a stunt to obtain ballots in the New Hampshire primary using the names of dead people.

His goal was to prove that strict voter ID laws are necessary. However, what he and his associates did was illegal:

Hamline University law professor David Schultz told TPM that there’s “no doubt” that O’Keefe’s investigators violated the law.

“In either case, if they were intentionally going in and trying to fraudulently obtain a ballot, they violated the law,” Schultz said. “So right off the bat, what they did violated the law.”

O’Keefe and his co-conspirators were also incredibly insensitive:

Activist filmmaker James O’Keefe secretly recorded video showing his operative using Roger Groux’s name and address to obtain a Republican ballot at Manchester polls Tuesday. The U.S. Navy veteran died Dec. 31 at an assisted living home. His family held funeral services Monday, his widow said. “Oh my God, I know what he would say, ‘Call the cops, call the police,’ ” Rachel Groux said.

James O’Keefe has made a living using lies to ruin the lives of others. Now he should be investigated for a repulsive, open-and-shut case of voter fraud.

Sign the petition calling for an investigation of James O’Keefe. We are working with allies to deliver it the New Hampshire Attorney General next week.

Keep fighting,
Chris Bowers
Campaign Director, Daily Kos

One reply on “James O’Keefe committed voter fraud in New Hampshire—and he should pay for it!”

In my line of work, before I retired, I regularly sought legal sanctions against individuals based upon “problematic” behavior – “problematic” having to be defined by the words of a regulation or statute that usually will have been subject to binding judicial interpretation.
If you want to petition for an investigation into whether or not O’Keefe violated a law – go for it. The decision to file charges is within the professional judgment of the particular prosecutor, in the case of Federal Law, those officials are intentionally insulated from the “popular will”. In an office with integrity, the petition is unnecessary and should have no effect.
As for the relevancy of O’Keefe’s involvement with Ms. Schiller’s “resignation”
( ) I’m almost certain there is no legal penalty for that, other than you ire. Read the NPR report and decide for yourself.

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