Fukushima’s No. 2 reactor heating up again (3 items)

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12 Feb 2012
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Tepco Says Fukushima Reactor Temperature Breaches Safety Limit –TEPCO: ‘We think the thermometer may be faulty.’ 13 Feb 2012 Tokyo Electric Power Co. said the temperature in one of the damaged reactors at its Fukushima nuclear station rose to levels above safety limits even as it injected increased amounts of cooling water. One of three thermometers indicated the temperature at the bottom of the No. 2 reactor pressure vessel rose to 89.2 degrees Celsius (192.56 Fahrenheit) as of 8:00 a.m. today, higher than the 80 degrees limit, Naohiro Omura, a spokesman for the utility, said by phone today.

Fukushima reactor heats up again 13 Feb 2012 The operator of the Fukushima nuclear plant has begun injecting more water into one of the reactors, after the core temperature rose above Japan’s safety limit. A gauge inside Fukushima’s reactor number two showed the temperature rising to 82 degrees Celsius over the weekend, its highest level since the reactor was put into a state of cold shutdown two months ago. Responding to the increase, operator TEPCO began injecting 15 tonnes of water an hour into the reactor in a bid to get the temperature down.

Japan OKs fresh support for Fukushima nuclear plant operator Tepco 13 Feb 2012 Japan’s trade minister approved nearly $9 billion in additional support for Tokyo Electric Power Co to help compensate victims of the Fukushima nuclear crisis on Monday, but said the government would not go ahead with a plan to inject tax money into utility unless it got adequate management say. Aside from the added 690 billion yen ($8.9 billion) in compensation support from a state-backed fund, the government has been planning to inject about 1 trillion yen in taxpayers’ money into the utility, also known as Tepco, in what would be one of the world’s biggest bailouts outside the banking sector. [This is *insane.* Where are the riots?]

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