Bradley Manning nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Please help this to go viral. 1 million signatures delivered to the Nobel Nominating Committee would be a huge endorsement of his nomination. From Fire Dog Lake:

Pfc. Bradley Manning was just nominated for the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize!

Last week, Major General Linnington gave the final recommendation for Manning to face court martial on all 22 charges, including the vindictive aiding the enemy charge. Despite logging thousands of phone calls and emails to the Department of Defense, we were ultimately unable to convince the government to drop the charge.

But while the government can try and lock Bradley away for the rest of his life, they cannot suppress his story and what it means for other whistle-blowers. Fortunately, Bradley Manning’s nomination for the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize is an excellent opportunity to raise awareness for his case once more.

We’re starting a letter urging the Norwegian Nobel Committee to award him the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize and call attention to both his contributions and unjust treatment. Can you add your name to our letter?

Fire Dog Lake Petition: (The petition might have my name on it, just delete and add your information).

Bradley Manning for Nobel Peace Prize? RT :

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