Austin cops swarm white man for walking with his black granddaughter

Austin police swarm white man for walking with black granddaughter
By Stephen C. Webster
Wednesday, February 15, 2012 11:19 EST

The Austin Police Department (APD) was unapologetic Wednesday after a swarm of officers detained a white man over the weekend, simply for walking home with his black granddaughter.

As it happens, that man was journalist-turned-political consultant Scott Henson, who writes the blog Grits for Breakfast, covering criminal justice reform issues. In a lengthy post filed Saturday, Henson explains that he and his granddaughter were confronted by a swarm of officers who arrived in nine or 10 patrol cars, simply because he was seen walking home with his granddaughter from a local recreational center.

Speaking to Raw Story, the APD denied any allegations of racism, insisting that the call came in from a civilian female who frantically followed the pair in her vehicle while calling 911. “I’m not sure if it was a staff member there at the rec center, but it was somebody who saw it happen,” a police spokeswoman said.

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