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from Jared Irmas:

To the readers of News from Underground:

It’s not every day that I can share with you something truly exciting about law school. Most of my time is spent either in class or in the library, but thanks to a brand new student organization that I co-founded on campus, I’m actually getting students to represent real clients in need of urgent legal assistance.

USC’s Iraqi Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP) has given dozens of USC law students the opportunity to represent an Iraqi refugee seeking to leave the Middle East and start a new life free of persecution and fear. As USC-IRAP’s Vice President of Development, I’ve helped grow what started as a modest student project into a thriving international undertaking, involving the efforts of over forty students, twenty practicing attorneys, and the support of USC Law faculty.

The work IRAP does is important. As U.S. troops pack up and return home from the war in Iraq, the lives of those Iraqis who assisted them with translation and intelligence are seriously at risk. Families on the wrong side of the religious and political divide face near-daily threats to their safety. In order to continue representing these clients, we need to raise more money in order to meet our legal costs. 

IRAP is an organization wholly run by students like me – without any financial support from USC. Would you please consider donating to help us continue our work? Please click here to read more about IRAP, and scroll down to quickly and easily donate to IRAP from your credit card.

Any donation you’re willing to make will go a long way in ensuring that IRAP continues to offer students this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.



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