They used hand-counted paper ballots in Iowa—but there was a computer “glitch”! (Email problem? They don’t say…)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012
Ahem, It Turns Out There Was a Computer “Glitch” in Iowa

Here’s an interesting report from National Journal and the real-time coverage from CNN at that point. It doesn’t in itself prove chicanery, perhaps the opposite. But, here is what is known for the record, though perhaps a little more about this computer “glitch” and how extensive it was needs to be researched and how many other precinct numbers were just “called in” because of the “glitch”.

As Iowa caucus watchers entered the wee hours, waiting to see whether Rick Santorum or Mitt Romney would win, the woman with the answers was fast asleep. Edith Pfeffer, the Republican chairwoman in Clinton County, held the crucial votes from the 2nd Ward’s second precinct that would ultimately determine the winner.

But at 1:30 a.m., Pfeffer had retired to sleep in a room without a phone. She couldn’t hear the calls from the Romney campaign, CNN, or her friend Carolyn Tallett, who soon came to ring her doorbell and pound on her windows.

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