So Romney LOST in Iowa? If so, we’d never know it if those ballots had been “counted” by computer…

It looks like Romney didn’t “win” by 8 votes, but lost by 12, due to a miscount of 20 votes in Appanoose County.

So much for Karl Rove’s “prediction”—on Fox “News,” early on Election Night—of a Romney “victory” by 14 votes.

Funny how Rove “got it right” by virtue of a miscount (or “miscount”).

Rove: Big Win for Romney in Iowa

(That’s how Fox “News” played Mitt’s seeming victory—as a “Big Win” by 8 votes.)

In any case, this moment goes to show that our elections are much safer when we use hand-counted paper ballots than the faith-based electronic system that’s in place almost everywhere today. While it is always possible, of course, to steal elections using HCPB, it’s vastly easier to hide all evidence of fraud when you have private vendors “counting” ballots by computer—i.e., behind closed doors. Mitt’s “Big Win” would never have been questioned if those corporate players had managed it.

This, of course, is why the GOP used HCPB in Iowa, since they did not want any of their factions stealing that election—while they do not want HCPB used in the general elections, which they’d have way more trouble stealing from the Democrats with paper ballots counted, one by one, out in the open.

Why don’t the Democrats see this?


BREAKING: Paul Supporter Alleges Inaccurate GOP Results
Mean Santorum, Not Romney, Winner of Iowa Caucus

Thanks to the transparent, open counting process at Tuesday’s night’s Iowa GOP Caucuses, and a Ron Paul supporter who was paying close attention to the results, we may now be learning that Rick Santorum, not Mitt Romney, actually won the “First-in-the-Nation” Iowa Caucuses this week.

According to a report tonight from television station KCCI NewsChannel 8 in Des Moines, Edward True, a supporter of Paul’s says he participated in the counting at the Washington Wells caucus in Appanoose County and wrote down the results he witnessed there on a piece of paper which he posted to Facebook that night. Later, in comparing his totals to the precinct results made available on the Iowa GOP website, he noticed that Romney is shown as receiving 22 votes at that precinct, rather than the 2 that True recorded him as receiving that night at the caucus.

If True is correct, and if not other anomalies are discovered in the coming days, it would mean that Santorum will have won the Iowa Caucuses by 12 votes, rather than lost it to Romney by 8, as reported by the GOP in the early morning hours on Wednesday…


One thought on “So Romney LOST in Iowa? If so, we’d never know it if those ballots had been “counted” by computer…”

  1. “Why don’t the Democrats see this?”

    Why would Democrats even care? They are allies in maintaining the one-party political scheme. Nothing more than a change in tie-color. I read this blog because this blog treats that as common knowledge.

    Also, expecting Democrats to call attention to guvment misdeeds? For real?

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