“Pro-lifers” kill and mutilate a Democrat’s cat

Or maybe one “pro-lifer” did it.


A Family’s Cat Is Murdered In the Name of Politics and Conservatism

Our public discourse has sunk to such depths that a cat has been murdered in Arkansas, apparently for political reasons. The perpetrator, it seems, supports a Republican who is known for his strong “pro life” stands.

The campaign manager for a Democratic Congressional candidate returned to his Russellville, Arkansas home, to find that the family cat had been killed. The word “liberal” had been scribbled across the cat’s body in paint.

Associated Press reports that a complaint has been filed with the Russellville Police Department, and officials have no suspects at this time.

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3 thoughts on ““Pro-lifers” kill and mutilate a Democrat’s cat”

  1. This is very upsetting and just about as ugly as it gets. Thom Hartmann mentioned yesterday that four different Democratic distric leaders (I can’t remember who or where) had giant stickers of rifle crosshairs signs on their office doors. They were taken down and then they reappeared again on their doors within the same day. You would think that they would’ve toned down the rhetoric after what happened in Arizona, or even Norway (Pamela Geller and a bunch of other American professional islamophobes were mentioned numerous times in Brevik’s “Manifesto”), but appearently not.

  2. So-called pro-lifers have been following me and harrassing me, ruining my life since I became pregnant with my son, trying to talk me into giving him up for adoption, breaking into my home, leaving me boxes of bug-infested food, trying to convince me at 26 years old that i was unfit to be a parent, tho i was never really pro-abortion; yes i had been pro-choice as a homeless teenager on drugs, out of necessity and compassion for the babies who would have resulted out of that time if i had been irresponsible enough to give birth to them (and i god pregnant ON THE PILL twice, both times as a minor) trying to foul and ruin and destroy any chance my son and i ever had of being a family. he’s 21 now and no thanks to them he’s functioning, going to university. they didn’t quite manage to tear us apart from one another, or to kill either of us YET. They are still gang-stalking me and they like to mutillate my pets, often sexually.

    these are not ‘pro-life’ people. these people have no respect for life. because of them it’s all i could do to survive. These people have been hired by communists, who believe in late-term abortions, and other eugenicists, who are trying to kill off large segments of society which they’ve given themselves god-like powers to judge and punish… i had abortions when i was a minor, because i was homeless and on drugs. They were in the first trimester. These people are NOT activists they have degraded into pure criminals, with only evil intentions. Who can help me? I am a virtual prisoner in my home and have been for 3 years. I’ve survived at least 3 murder attempts – been gassed in my home twice, once with my young son in the house with me.

    These are horrible satanists, posing as Christians. They have totally infiltrated and taken over all extremist groups. Communists and Satanists and FAscists alike pull the strings on these and other extremist groups (all under the ‘jihad’ label which prefers to jail women for ‘sex crimes’ and if they can’t jail them…. they do worse). … yes here in Canada, YES YES Yes!!!! How is ruining my son’s life and his relationship with his mother, who loves him, helping the ‘movement’ (ie killing of abortion doctors) even if that was really what they are trying to do THEY ARE NOT WHAT THEY PRETEND TO BE.


  3. surprisingly relevant topic (IE MY COMMENT ABOUT PRO-LIFERS KILLING MY PETS): THERE ARE NO FREAKIN ALIENS AND IF THERE ARE THEY WOULD NEVER COME HERE, TO THE PHONY, LYING, CORRUPTION CAPITOL OF THE UNIVERSE… there are no aliens. These are DEFORMED HUMANS PRODUCED OUT OF ARTIFICIAL WOMBS, ETC – This is the biggest hoax ever concocted by eugenicists in order to get away with killing off millions and billions of innocent people. somehow they have figured out that we would not quite approve of their goals if we knew them.

    Artificial intelligence yes – by way of super computers. DONT BELIEVE THIS ALIEN CRAP IT’S JUST TO SCARE YOU INTO SUBMISSION. all extremist groups have become involved whether they realize it or are just stupid AND PSYCHOTIC.. OF WHICH THEY ARE PROUD.

    Please when the time comes when we can fight WE MUST FIGHT FOR SURVIVAL! they wont survive in any case, but if we dont fight them they’ll destroy the whole world – us along with them. we have two choices, we can fight them and survive, without them; even tho at this point we may not be able to avoid casualties; or we can maintain our stupor and watch them destroy themselves in their frenzy to maintain their rarified environments, and us along with them, and all hope for the future. ALL EXTREMIST GROUPS ARE EVIL. but it may require drastic measures to save the world from these monsters – who will be very simple to identify. These people are without compassion. ‘you will know them by their fruits’ they ALWAYS DO DAMAGE TO INNOCENTS, AND THEY ENJOY THIS – take your truth where you find it, but always with a grain of salt. use your logic. use your head. we are evolving as they devolve. we can put them back in their place and if there are young forcibly-indoctrinated brain-slaves (Manchurian Candidates – look up Monarch and Phoenix projects, still going on today) we can help, they should be helped in special hospitals. so many children have been tortured and made to suffer for so long… lets save them, no matter what freakish form we might find them in. COMPASSION IS ALL TO TELL US APART FROM THESE DEAD-SOULED ‘PEOPLE’ WHO SEEK TO EUGENICIZE US and then rewrite history… again.

    ABORT 3/4 OF THE PLANET, IS WHAT THEY WANT TO DO – POST BIRTH. and THEY get to decide who’s fit to live and who must die, based on the most psychotic delusions imaginable (and unimaginable) – please believe me, I’ve been a guinea-pig since pre-birth. Not only do they know what they did to me and why it led to such a disordered life, but they were among those who deliberately caused the damage and disorder in the first place – starting with qualuuds and codeine in the womb, and a rape at age 3…. i could go on. it took my whole life to prove what they did but i have proven it, and it is known by many – their lies have no power over my identity anymore. Dont let it have power over yours either. WOMEN AND CHILDREN ARE THE MAIN TARGETS OF THESE EXPERIMENTS, JUST LIKE THE HOLOCAUST, WHICH HAS YET TO END.

    SORRY – IT’S JUST REALITY. that’s one of the few things THEY can’t buy, please take it as the gift it is. do your homework. Research. And dont let them silence you but DO BE OH SO CAREFUL!!! they will stop short of nothing, but our lives depend on fighting back

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