Little old ladies helping to destroy US democracy (MUST-SEE)

Little old ladies bite the head off democracy and eat it in front of us

I want to share a video with you that I just came across on YouTube. Now, be forewarned, this is not an exciting video. This is not Lindsay Lohan licking Ecstasy off Kim Kardashian’s naked thighs. This is not the final sweaty episode of Survivor, and it does not feature that delicious hunk from the Old Spice commercials (sorry, girls . . . and some guys). As a You Tube video, it’s really lacking: no UFO documentation, babies scared of their own farts, or even Kittens Falling Asleep.

However, this video is exactly what I claim: little old laides biting the head off democracy and eating it in front of us. It’s ugly, creepy, and wrong.

I suggest you watch it. Because this exact aberration has been taking place all around the United States for decades. You’d probably be shocked to know just how many little old ladies are actually in charge of democracy in America. Much of our elections system has been in their surprisingly strong grip — just try to pry it from them! — since before most of Occupy Wall Street was in nappies. The League of Women Voters and tens of thousands of poll workers are all sweet, well-meaning, responsible gray-haired ladies who, as this video proves, will lunge madly for your jugular and have you arrested and imprisoned if you so much as question the nature of their work (which, btw, is your legal right).

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