GOP demands e-voting for the rest of us—but in Iowa, they’ll use hand-counted paper ballots!

By Brad Friedman on 12/30/2011 3:14pm
Great (if Hypocritical) News! Iowa GOP Caucuses Will Vote on Publicly Hand-Counted Paper Ballots!
And no Photo ID is required to register or vote!…

Votes in next Tuesday’s Republican caucuses in Iowa will be cast on paper ballots and hand counted publicly at each and every caucus site, according to a report late this week from Politico’s Jonathan Martin. In other words, Republicans will be relying on”Democracy’s Gold Standard” when it comes to casting and counting ballots in their own election, in which they setall of the rules, even if they will not allow the same standards to be applied to elections in which Democrats will take part.

Martin’s story should come as great news for Election Integrity advocates and, in particular, Ron Paul supporters who have very good reason to be concerned about the process after witnessing — first-hand and on video-tape — blatant voter fraud carried out by Mitt Romney supporters in years past. The news is also welcome in light of a recent report suggesting the GOP would be counting votes in secret to avoid a purported “threat” by the hacktivist group Anonymous to disrupt next week’s caucuses.

Though the article, if accurate, is wonderful news, it underscores, yet again, the Republican Party’s almost indescribable hypocrisy when it comes to elections. Over the years, as we have detailed on hundreds (if not thousands) of pages at The BRAD BLOG, Republicans have eschewed both paper ballots and their public hand-counting at the polling place, insisting that computer cast and counted “ballots” are far more reliable than anything human beings, with their own hands and eyeballs, are able to do themselves with everyone in the public watching. (That is, except in cases where they are challenging the computer-tabulated results of an election, in which case they insist, appropriately, on publicly hand-counted paper ballots.)

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