Don Siegelman is taking his last shot at getting justice in America (if any)

Dear Pam,

I’m filing what may be my last petition with the United States Supreme Court February 1st.

If I win there, then this decade of legal attacks inspired by Karl Rove and his political buddies in Alabama will be over. I will be free and justice will have been done for me. But if I lose, I go back for resentencing for something that’s never been a crime.

The stakes are high, time is running short, and I need your support to make sure I can dedicate every last legal resource at my disposal to these next critical days in my case. Will you help?

Please contribute to my legal defense fund now — so I can file the strongest possible petition with the U.S. Supreme Court on February 1!

Will Karl Rove ever be brought to justice? Will his political cronies in Alabama who have been doing his dirty work ever be held accountable? That’s another question altogether.

But if I can defeat Karl Rove in the courthouse, as well as his cronies including Rove’s best friend Bill Canary and Canary’s wife, the former U.S. Attorney, who targeted me as one of their primary political opponents, then we’ll finally have a chance to hold them accountable for what they’ve done.

If I win at the Supreme Court this time, it is over — and that’s good news for justice across the board. We will have straightened out an important legal principle that’s the bedrock of our democracy: that people have the right to contribute to candidates who share their views on important issues, and that candidates have the right to act favorably on those issues without fear of going to prison for it.

Over these next five days, I need to raise enough money to pay for my Supreme Court petition, to pay my lawyers, and hopefully put this Rove-orchestrated legal attack behind me, once and for all.

Please contribute to my legal defense fund now — before my February 1st Supreme Court filing deadline.

My family and I thank you so much for your support at this critical time.


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