Who’s REALLY committing voter fraud? (Three guesses!)

Another one bites the dust!

Paul Schurick, the GOP operative convicted of vote suppression in Maryland last week, is not the first Republican to stand convicted, or exposed, for doing what the GOP has long and lividly accused the Democrats of doing. For example, do a search on Ann Coulter + voter fraud (in Florida), or Clay County + voter fraud (Kentucky), or YPM + voter fraud (California). Just to name a few.

What you’ll find is that the GOP has perpetrated far more voter fraud (as well as election fraud) than ACORN ever did—ACORN having been itself quite innocent of voter fraud; and yet ACORN was eventually destroyed, in part because of that Big Lie.

And that Big Lie still rules, as voter ID legislation has been passed throughout the country—to keep Democrats from voting, in the name of “clean elections.”


Who’s Really Committing Voter Fraud? (Video)
by Paul Canning
December 12, 2011

The conviction of a Republican operative has thrown the spotlight onto who is really committing voter fraud in the US.

Right-wing news outlets have been claiming for years that liberal groups such as ACORN are behind ‘massive’ voter fraud operations. Despite investigations by the Justice Department only showing a tiny number of proven cases (86) over the past decade, Republican legislators in twelve states have passed legislation, on the basis of supposed fraud, restricting voting.

Paul Schurick, an aide to former Maryland Republican Governor Robert L. Ehrlich Jr., was convicted last week of attempted voter suppression.

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3 replies on “Who’s REALLY committing voter fraud? (Three guesses!)”

Uh, yes Demcrats DO commit vote fraud like crazy. You know this, of course, but have to lie to keep the moderate swing voters in play. There is a reason Democrat operatives sue to keep states from purging dead voters from the rolls. There is a reason Democrat operatives sue to keep states from requiring for voting the kind of ID required to rent a movie or a car. Keep the lies coming though, they are quite amusing. After all, when 1,000s of voter fraud findings involve Democrats, hey just ignore them. Go for the one or two in the last 20 years than involved the GOP.

Those “1,000s” of “voter fraud findings” that involve Democrats do not exist and that’s why you fascist, Tea Bagging Neanderthals can’t acutally name a single example by name and only have retarded videos of James O’Keffe walking around in a pimps outfit as your “evidence”. Lies manufactured by Americans for Prosperity, ALEC, The Heartland Institute and then belched out by Glenn Beck, Limbaugh, and FOX , among others, do not count as “evidence”. The GOP/RNC specializes in ELECTION FRAUD, VOTER SUPPRESSION, as well as VOTER FRAUD (Mitt Romney, and Ann Coulter are just two famous examples) and a plethera of other illegal and radically un-democratic tricks carried out by fascist right-wing Christian theocrats (like Kenneth Blackwell, for one) is not only your legacy, but part of the overall GOP election strategy. Now that would be “amusing” if it wasn’t so tragic.

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