US universities with branches in police states should admit they’re only doing it to make a buck

Then we could have an honest argument about the all-important difference between universities and business corporations, as Andrew Ross notes here.

(The proper role of universities in this particular police state is another, though related, matter.)


Not Just Another Profit-Seeking Venture
By Andrew Ross

Should our university leaders admit that money is the primary reason for expanding overseas?

There would be much less of a credibility gap when sticky questions about egregious human-rights violations pop up, as seems inevitable in the countries that are creating the boom in offshore higher education. We would not have to participate in the tiresome debate about balancing the virtuous contributions of our new branch campuses against the corrosive stain of operating in illiberal societies. However that conversation is shaped, it always ends up sounding like a rationale for missionary work, or for the kind of “hearts and minds” propaganda exercise most recently seen in the State Department’s efforts to combat the rise of anti-Americanism.

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