US press cries up election theft in Russia, but clams up about it over here (2 items)

AP—like the NYTimes, WashPost, CNN and all the rest—gives Putin’s “voter fraud” (i.e., election fraud) BIG PLAY.

And where’s the coverage of the myriad vote-blocking measures over here? It’s nearly all online, on websites like (in this case) WI Voices, and blogs like BradBlog and Election Defense Alliance (and News from Underground).

Thus the US press does not report election theft unless it happens (or is said to happen) in Bad Places like Iran, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Russia; and that long journalistic silence is precisely why election theft goes on and on right here in the United States—and so it will keep happening, unless/until the 99% decide to OCCUPY AMERICA’S ELECTIONS.



Russia Protests: Thousands Rally Against Vote Fraud, Putin
JIM HEINTZ and VLADIMIR ISACHENKOV 12/10/11 07:00 PM ET Associated Press


Wisconsin Couple Unable to get ID to Vote
By Heidi Herron

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