Thank you, US Senate! Wherever
they are now, the Framers are all throwing up.

Hi Mark,

My latest podcast features 24-year FBI veteran Coleen Rowley, who hammers the Senate–and Dems in particular–for this bill, and the rejection of amendments by Feinstein and Udall to clearly exclude US citizens from Gitmo treatment.

We also talk to Susan Lindauer, who was detained at a military base during her 5 year battle against reprisals for trying to tell the truth about pre-9/11 intelligence and the lies about Iraqi WMD.


Urge Obama to Veto Defense Bill with Draconian Clauses: FBI Whistleblower Coleen Rowley and Patriot Act Victim Susan Lindauer
by Peter B. Collins on December 6, 2011
PBC podcast

Coleen Rowley, 24-year FBI agent, details Senate debate and 93-7 passage of dangerous bill; Susan Lindauer was detained at a military base and spent 5 years fighting in court to win freedom.

Listen now.

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