“Small business owner” in Walker ad is a BILLIONAIRE who helped outsource thousands of jobs to China

“Small Business Owner” in Walker Ad Actually a Billionaire That Helped Outsource Thousands of Jobs to China
Submitted by Jud Lounsbury on Fri, 12/16/2011 – 1:19pm

Oh, oh, oh, oh sweet irony of mine!

So, yesterday we learn that for the fifth month in a row, Wisconsin has led the nation in jobs- lost AND that another large (and very profitable) company– Thermo Fisher– is a closing its plant in Two Rivers as part of a larger transition toward non-American labor in Mexico and elsewhere.

In the midst of this carnage, Walker has the nerve to put up an ad with “Chris” who is purportedly a small business owner that is extolling the virtues of Scott Walker’s job-creatin’ business utopia… that is losing more jobs than other state.

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