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December 10, 2011

Dear Supporter of Election Defense Alliance:

We never thought and never said it would be easy. EDA was founded in 2006 with an understanding that computerized, privatized, and concealed vote counting had “magically” become as entrenched in America as if it had been ordained by the Constitution. So entrenched, both pragmatically and psychologically, that its proven vulnerability to manipulation, and even the mountains of evidence indicating that such manipulation was actually taking place, would be greeted with a great big national shrug. And not even a whisper from the media. And so it has been.

And that means that America needs EDA’s work now more than ever. 


And EDA needs your support now more than ever.   

As an EDA supporter, you understand the devastating impact that rigged elections can have and have had on our politics and our nation. And you understand that the pendulum can’t swing when it’s being held to one side in a covert fist. Overwhelming forensic evidence tells us that that fist dramatically reduced the scale of landslides in 2006 and 2008 and dramatically amplified the landslide in the other direction in 2010.


Indeed in that bizarre 2010 election, which has brought us to our current straits, a net of 128 US House seats changed hands based on a modest national popular vote margin that should by rights have resulted in less than half that gain. What that meant was a tremendous number of very close elections all going one way. Just the latest in the parade of bizarre, unidirectional electoral “anomalies” dating from the passage of the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) and the computer takeover of American elections. At the same time we witnessed the proliferation of networked vote-counting computers that permit tidy manipulation of vote counts in real time in the amounts needed to reverse outcomes, no more, no less. It’s a bleak picture and it might be tempting to say that we have failed.

But we at EDA are not ready to give up on our democracy and we hope you agree that failure is not an option. And in fact the groundwork is being laid. People across America are finally getting that there’s something very wrong with the picture. And, little by little, when it comes to our voting system and the evidence that it’s been corrupted, laughs are turning to hmms, and hmms to %#&s!

Look at what has gone down in Wisconsin around the Supreme Court race and recount, the legislative recall elections this past summer, and the drive to recall Governor Walker in 2012. EDA has been playing an active role in Wisconsin from the start of the Supreme Court election recount.   We contributed key forensic analyses, helped write guidelines for the recount process, and sent a representative to provide on-site guidance as events unfolded.  We spearheaded and sponsored citizen-run exit polls in both the Republican and Democratic recall primaries and elections, engaging many newly-awakened and outraged Wisconsin volunteers; helped with trainings and mentoring; made a presentation at this summer’s Democracy Convention in Madison; and established an EDA-WI “chapter” and a very active EDA-WI Facebook group.

And now in Massachusetts there is a similar awakening to the vulnerability of the votecount in the critical election for US Senate pitting Elizabeth Warren against incumbent Scott Brown. Our analysis of the 2010 Coakley/Brown Special Election (  has persuaded key insiders that a sophisticated Election Protection Plan must be developed and given priority, a plan that EDA has helped construct and which will rely on our continuing involvement and forensic work.

Nationally EDA must revive a forensics approach  —  comparisons between competitive and baseline noncompetitive contests  —  which we devised and which worked brilliantly to uncover targeted manipulation of competitive races in 2006 and 2008 (  We did not have the substantial funds (c. $40,000) needed to commission the polling component of this method in 2010, when our other forensic evidence indicated that it would have been red hot.  We will need it in 2012  —  when, with the heightened awareness we are seeing, it may well be a big part of the breakthrough we have long been working toward — and we need your support to make it happen.

There is also a natural alliance to be developed between the new forces of public protest and the drive for honest elections that actually reflect the political will of the 99%.  EDA communicated with the Occupy protesters in dozens of cities and towns to heighten their awareness of the critical nexus between transparent vote counting and their own dreams of reform.  Focusing their great energy and peoplepower on restoring observable vote counting and honest elections may well be the most effective approach for the Occupy movement, now being ruthlessly pushed out of our parks and squares, to break the chokehold of the 1%.


EDA’s “I Count” campaign envisions Occupiers, and the many other citizens they inspire, reassembling en masse at town and county clerks’ offices committed to being the vote counters that election officials are always saying they could never find to hand count our ballots.  It is time for direct and strategically focused action.


Yes, it has been an uphill march into a stiff prevailing wind.  But, with the country in a polarized, distorted and dysfunctional pickle, it looks very much like things are coming to a head.  The question is Can America find its way back to goodness and greatness without the terrible upheaval that seems to threaten?  We believe it can.  


But only if enough of us join the battle to reclaim our democracy.  Some take action.  Some contribute monetary support.  Some do both.  All are needed.

Now is the time we can and must work together for a brighter future.  Please support EDA’s efforts in the coming critical year.


Your contributions to Election Defense Alliance are tax deductible.


Checks can be made out to:           International Humanities Center – EDA

And mailed to:                                     PO Box 207, Woodland Hills CA  91365.

Or go to to donate online.


Thank you.


Jonathan Simon, Executive Director

Sally Castleman, National Chairperson

Election Defense Alliance is a project of International Humanities Center,

a nonprofit organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code

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