On the Walker recall trail: “Our lives were threatened, my camera destroyed”

Recall Trail: Our Lives Were Threatened, My Camera Destroyed
by noise of rain

This camera was three weeks old. It was stripped off of my wrist, and thrown full force into the street by a crazy rightwing bastard. The card and battery are missing, which I learned when I tried to retrieve the day’s photos and video. I lost the great picture of Santa in an SUV  (a real beard nonetheless!), signing the Recall Walker petition (and a Santa hat. And a full Santa coat!). I lost the video of Santa and his wife talking about the damage Walker had done to their lives (with Mrs. Claus chiming in agreement!). I lost the pictures of our beautiful “Total Recall” banner, planted in the ground like a moon landing. And I lost the picture of the man attacking me right before he threw my camera to the ground.

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