Obama is “against” indefinite detention (again)

On indefinite detention of terror suspects, Obama’s as much to blame as Bush: He compromised and capitulated instead of sticking to principle
President wavered on Guantanamo


This week, the detention policy hatched by the Bush administration reached its pinnacle: a full-fledged codification of the Pentagon as the primary detention authority for crimes related to terrorism.

By rejecting an amendment to eliminate controversial language in a defense spending bill, the Senate gave de facto approval to a provision allowing for the indefinite military detention of individuals accused of terrorism, be they U.S. or foreign citizens.

If this legislation is signed by the President, it will achieve everything that the Cassandras of the war on terror predicted: the removal of constitutional guarantees for U.S. citizens; the further emasculation of the criminal justice system; and the planting of both feet firmly in the camp of detention without due process.

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While I agree with this article, I find it odd and somewhat suspicious that a right-wing paper like the Daily News would print an article like this- or, at least, one that promotes a return to the rule of law. At the very least, it is most likely meant to be highly partisan and a putdown of Obama, and an example of evidence of why we should vote for a GOP candidate. Of couse, a GOP candidate would be the last person in the world to scale back the assault on our civil liberties brought about by the endless “War on Terror”.

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