“Independent” probe of UC Davis pepper-spraying led by group that works for Wall Street firms

UC Davis Pepper Spray Investigation Lead By Group That Works For Wall Street Firms (LIVE UPDATES)
Katehi Protesters
First Posted: 12/ 1/11 01:26 PM ET Updated: 12/ 1/11 03:25 PM ET

WASHINGTON — Faculty in the University of California system said this week that the group appointed to lead an investigation into the controversial pepper-spraying incident on the UC Davis campus is far from independent.

On Nov. 18, student protesters at UC Davis werepepper-sprayed at close range by campus police while demonstrating against tuition hikes. Footage of the event went viral and the police chief and two officers involved have since been put on leave. In response to the controversial actions, UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi called for an independent investigation.

“Multiple investigations and reviews are underway to learn why police — despite my explicit instructions that no force be used in removing tents and other equipment from the area — elected to employ pepper spray. But let me again be clear: it was absolutely wrong and unnecessary,” Katehi said in a message sent to students on Nov. 23.

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