If Obama doesn’t veto the NDAA, Gitmo may soon fill up with Americans (as prisoners)

Bringing the ‘War on Terror’ Home
December 4, 2011

U.S. intelligence says the terror threat from al-Qaeda is receding, but Congress keeps on expanding the scope of this “war” so as not to look “weak on terror,” now adding new military powers that could be used against American citizens, writes ex-FBI agent Coleen Rowley.

By Coleen Rowley

The political, military industrial, corporate class in Washington DC continues to re-make our Constitutional Republic into a powerful, unaccountable Military Empire.

The U.S. Senate has just voted 93 to 7 to pass the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2012, which allows the military to operate domestically within the borders of the United States and to possibly (or most probably) detain U.S. citizens without trial.

Forget that the ACLU called it “an historic threat to American citizens,” this bill is so dangerous not only to our rights but to our country’s security that it was criticized by the Directors of the FBI and the CIA, the Director of National Intelligence and the U.S. Defense Secretary!

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3 replies on “If Obama doesn’t veto the NDAA, Gitmo may soon fill up with Americans (as prisoners)”

I for one hope this passes. I WANT Guantanamo full of Americans. Then maybe we can actually start dealing with this issue, ten years too late.

Something tells me it might not necessarily work out that way.

(And what if YOU end up there?

it’s worth a shot. ten years of imprisoning innocent people and absolutely nothing has been done about it. it’s entirely racist. and this latest wave of articles pertaining to this act are offensively racist. if i end up there…maybe all those i know will actually start giving a shit.

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