How to lie with headlines—New York Times edition

How to lie with headlines – NY Times edition
2011 December 8
by Ian Welsh

So, I’m browsing the NY Times and a title leaps out at me:

Albany Tax Deal to Raise Rate for Highest Earners

The URL says Cuomo, governor of New York.

Odd, I think. I wouldn’t expect Cuomo to raise taxes on rich people. Maybe I’ve misjudged him? Maybe he isn’t just a union busting jerk squishing the small people and covering his butt with things like gay marriage which the corporate interests he serves are good with?

I read further. Paragraph 3:

The long-term impact on the wealthy was described by some as a cut and others as an increase: beginning next year, the highest-income earners will be taxed at a lower rate than at present, but at a higher rate than had been expected with the expiration of the surcharge.

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