Greg Palast to appear in NYC on 12/5, to launch his new book, VULTURE’S PICNIC. (Lee Camp will be there, too!)

Please Join us

When: Monday, December 5, at 7pm

Where: Community Church of New York
40 E 35th Street – between Park & Madison

The New York City launch of Greg Palast’s new book

Greg Palast & Special Guests plus the blisteringly funny Lee Camp


A hearty meal of who is feasting on your future

“… an eye-opening, heart-pumping, mind-blowing experience that should not, MUST not, be missed.” – Nomi Prins, author Other People’s Money

“Pulp non-fiction from my favorite investigative reporter. Palast’s best.” –Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

“Kick-Ass! What Palast does to investigate is un effing believable… And the results of the stories are muckraking and exposés that will knock your socks off.” – Rob Kall, Op-Ed News

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