GOP site offers plan to infiltrate left/liberal sites with trolls posing as “progressives”

A combination of black propaganda and the deployment of agents provocateurs. (It’s also the same sort of dirty trick that liberal Cass Sunstein urged against the 9/11 Truth movement.)

This, in any case, is one more way in which the far right magnifies itself through artificial means—making its few millions look like a surging national movement (e.g., like OWS) through propaganda and election fraud. (The corporate media helps too, of course, by giving the Tea Party and its crackpot heroes way more press than they deserve.)


GOP Site Plans To Infiltrate Liberal Sites With “Trolls”
Written by Casey Gane-McCalla, Lead Blogger on July 28, 2011 10:44 am

Right-wing website has offered a comprehensive plan for its followers to infiltrate left-wing sites by pretending to be progressives to hurt the Democratic Party.

The list of directions created by the site are below.

First, infiltrate the site. For this, you will have to avoid creating screen names like “GoPalinGo” or “Heartlandredstater.” Also, some websites may actually have you wait a week before you are allowed to comment or blog. Perhaps, they are investigating the e-mail address you give them against whether it is used for a conservative website. Be sure to avoid that tendency; if you use, for example, screen name for RedState, make sure you use a yahoo e-mail address for Dailykos, or whatever. Once you are there, the second part of the strategy is to gain their trust. For this, you cannot be too overtly gung-ho conservative in your outlook. Instead, you sort of have to be the voice of a moderate liberal. This will take a lot of acting skill, but it could be done. For example, over at ThinkProgress, they had an article about how the folks in Alabama got what they deserved with the recent spate of tornadoes because their legislators did not believe in global warming. It took all my energies not to reach through the Internet and strangle these kooks, but I responded, “Well, that might be going a little too far…” Along the way, I gained the trust of certain posters on that thread.

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7 replies on “GOP site offers plan to infiltrate left/liberal sites with trolls posing as “progressives””

I sincerely doubt that Think Progress explicity said that “Alabama got what they deserved” after the horror of all the recent natural disasters in the Midwest this past year-I’m sure it’s all far right-wing spin and projection on their part. Even if they did make this insinuation, it, unfortunately, is the only thing that might get through to these overly Murdock/Koch brothers/ExxonMobil propagandized people who don’t care about anything until it lands in their back yard and they can see it with their own eyes.
These people at sure would make Edward Burneys and Joseph Goebbels proud. It’s a stupid idea and it won’t work because progressives and people on the radical left, unlike conservatives, have critical thinking skills and their guard is already way up. It seem like a variation of that recent Frank Luntz crap about telling CONS to say to OWS supporters, “I get it”. There are profound and unprecedented challenges that humanity and this planet faces in the coming years and these people need to wake up and get a life right now.

Boy are they going to be disappointed when a huge % of these provocateurs get in, become a little educated on the truth, & jump ship to become Occupiers for real…LMAO

They even have a term for guys like you, who pretend to be reasonable and sophisticated when they are simply sophisticated con artists and sophists. They are called “rats” with an expletive added; because you guys have been doing this sort of thing proudly and with increasing sophistication since Karl Rove used dirty tricks against his fellow Young Republicans back in the 70’s. Abramoff writes about this stuff in his recent tell all book, and sounds proud about all his tricks. It seems that machievellianism, dishonesty, and sheer cynicism are trademarks of the radical right and I guess folks like you.

Lovely, have fun. Please don’t knock at my door. If any of them were honest they’d be like Sandy Button describes them.

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