“Elections” in America—a criminal conspiracy (MUST-READ interview w/ Victoria Collier)

Election Integrity’s Victoria Collier Speaks Up
By Joan Brunwasser

My guest today is Victoria Collier. Welcome to OpEdNews, Victoria. You’re the daughter and niece of James and Kenneth Collier, authors of the book Votescam: The Stealing of America , a chronicle of their 25-year investigation into how elections are rigged by computerized voting machines. Victoria is the editor of I’ve run across a number of your most recent op ed pieces including What To Do When They “Let” Us Win Elections and Why Americans Viciously Protect Their Hub Caps But Not Their Ballots: A Thoughtful Exploration of Modern Democracy. I guess you’re not too happy with the state of our nation these days. Weren’t the most recent elections nationwide a gain for the 99%?

There were some victories, yes. In Ohio, Mississippi, and Arizona, ballot initiatives and recalls were successful in slowing some of the more aggressive metastasizing of the extreme-right agenda; in these cases, union busting and the war against women’s right to choose.

However, many far-right incumbents stayed in office, a fact that got lost in the hoopla over the rare progressive victories.

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