Does Rove attack Liz Warren to make people vote against her? Or to make it easy to explain away the THEFT of that election? (2 items)

“Will the people of Massachusetts,” asks Simon Johnson, “really fall for such blatant and complete deception?”

The emphasis is mine: Will the people really fall for Rove’s outrageous lies, and “re-elect” Scott Brown; or will Brown “win” despite the will of the electorate?

A fair question, since Brown’s “win” in 2010 was already pretty fishy. As the Election Defense Alliance showed in a meticulous analysis, Brown “won” handily (by over 5%) wherever votes were counted electronically—but, in those few districts where the ballots were hand-counted in the open, Scott Brown lost to Martha Coakley (by almost 3%).

And, like nearly all elections in America today, that one was managed by a private corporation—LHS Programming—that did its “counting” secretly; and there was not a single audit or spot-check of the process, no recount, and, remarkably, no exit polls.

So Johnson’s question—Will the people in the Bay State really fall for those wild lies about Liz Warren?—is fair indeed, but not as Johnson meant it. What he meant was: “Will the people swallow Karl Rove’s lies, and vote against her?” When, in fact, the more important question is: “Will the people, having seen through Rove’s crapola, vote for Warren—but then see Brown ‘win’ anyway?”

And yet, important as that question is, Johnson—like the left in general —simply won’t consider it, no doubt deeming any such idea to be “conspiracy theory,” notwithstanding EDA’s strong evidence that there was something rotten in the State of Massachusetts on the day Brown “won” last year. And so it’s been with many “upset victories” by the right, whose right to serve has never once been questioned by the left, no matter how abundant and precise the evidence of fraud.

(Meanwhile, those who care about all this—and want to see Liz Warren win and get to serve us as a US Senator—can read EDA’s report at

So here’s what makes Rove’s propaganda really dangerous: not that it will cloud the minds of Massachusetts’ stupid voters, but that it will be used to help “explain” why Warren “lost,” should the Republicans succeed in stealing that election, too.



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