Clear Channel fouls up California’s airwaves with MORE rightist propaganda—in Sacramento!

From Sue Wilson:

Last Wednesday, Clear Channel—the largest radio operator in the US—pulled a fast one on its listeners in Sacramento. It stopped playing soft rock on 92.5 FM, and replaced it with its KFBK programming. (KFBK is the station that launched Rush Limbaugh.) It means that thousands of music listeners have lost their favorite station, and it means that two giant radio stations now play exactly the same programming. It also means that hard right-wing talk will fill another 50,000 watts of OUR PUBLIC AIRWAVES in the Sacramento region, ranging from Lake Tahoe to Santa Rosa. It means our region now gets four stations promoting pro-corporate “conservative” hate speech, but zero stations promoting any opposing ideas.

Nobody is there to counter this propaganda; opposing views are simply not allowed by corporate owner Clear Channel. This is the case in better than 90% of the USA. And Clear Channel’s actions are not limited to Sacramento; they are taking progressive stations off the air across the nation.

“Conservative” talk radio supporters will tell us that this is all about free speech, and if we don’t like it, we should just change the channel.

They are right, it is about free speech. OUR free speech. Where is OUR opportunity to get an alternative message out to our community on OUR PUBLIC AIRWAVES? This is about the health of our democracy. Stations only get licensed to broadcast IF they “serve the public interest.” How is a hard right corporate power grab serving YOUR public interest? Answer: It is not.

We cannot allow this to stand. We need to stand up for our rights as members of this community and tell Clear Channel that we expect ALL of the public to be served by our radio airwaves. We demand equal time for ALL points of view. If they can’t figure out how to make money actually serving the public interest, they should sell their stations to someone locally who can.

Monday, December 12, at NOON, I propose we protest, boycott, promise legal license challenges, and occupy Sacramento Clear Channel’s public files all day, (potentially for days,) as is our legal right to do. Address: 1440 Ethan Way, Sacramento.

And I ask citizens in other cities to join us by inspecting the public files of your Clear Channel stations that same day.

(Find more at and our new facebook page, )

Can you help support this effort by taking a notebook in hand to your local Clear Channel station and inspecting their public files on Monday, Dec. 12th? We would like to frame this as a national action.

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Glad to see one of my ideas finally take off. Although, it’s not the way I wanted it to take off.
Let me explain.

For several years I have suggested people hit their local station’s public file. Each one of em ABC, CBS, FOX, PBS, NBC I was more talking about television broadcast, but hey AM/FM radio is a legitimate target as well, it’s all in the public spectrum which is now owned 98% by corporations. Probably 2% for (PEG) programming but hey I don’t read propaganda statistic charts, or listen to rigged polls (like marblecake)

I am just telling you what I see with my own eyes, and I am guesstimating it’s 98%.

As you can already tell, I don’t really care about Left or Right Democrat Republican bla bla bla. They are both the SAME corporate interests, and SAME foreign interests, it’s the same presidential appointed FCC.

So here’s the game.
People on KFBK can do what they want because kfbk (in the big picture) tows the establishment agenda no matter what it is. Because of this incestuous relationship, they can spew propaganda, spin, lies, and blacklist the most important stuff about our rights all day long, and there is nothing the public one by one, can really do about it.
Except flood their public file with negative entries, until the drag is overwhelming.

So while I am glad to see it being used, I am sad only “progressives” picked up on it. The left right paradigm is such a waste of time now. Instead of all this time wasting, I don’t care about the PARTY. (D,R,I,L,G,P) I want to see a requirement that the candidates for office put their foreign and corporate affiliations and agenda on the voter sample and actual ballot ballot (the one you actually mark.) again, I repeat, I don’t care about the PARTY. (D,R,I,L,G,P)

I care about if they are affiliated with Monsanto, or Pepsi, or PNAC, or AIPAC, or CFR, or the UN, or IPCC/IPCJ, or Trilateral Commission, or Bilderberg, or Rothchild. I’ve said this over and over and over. Hopefully more will pick up on this and these stations can go pound sand when they want to re-up their FCC station ID and frequency allocation.

Better yet, put pressure on the FCC to get these stations public file’s ONLINE! The FCC is so lame, go look, they have some vague unfinished wording. WHY cause the FCC is now fascist.

So even better yet, the public should take the FCC’s power away from the president, and put it under the PUBLIC as voters.

I doubt many reading this can even find the ORIGINAL FCC MISSION STATEMENT.

It’s so sad, but then I am glad to see SOME people take my advice seriously, and I am even MORE happy to see it actually FORCED a response. Even more exciting is that the people who actually TOOK that advice are in my Hometown Sacramento!

I’m sure they have now learned, “it actually works.”
Persistence can destroy these stations as they NEED TO BE. And I don’t mean the equipment, so if you are DHS , don’t go there. That’s not what I mean.

Now take a thread like this

The article, One person actually reported it, followed by (what I would assume, since I tried to get an account and am still waiting for a reply) nothing but shills for the commercial radio broadcast industry.

Deane Johnson said, “Wait until they get there and find a mostly empty file. Stupid. No wonder they can’t find jobs. ”

Valerie Ring said, “All this Occupy talk makes me want to Occupy my bathroom! ”

semoochie, “Isn’t most of this on the station’s website now? ”

NoParty, “This is even a bigger waste of time that laying around in swill and lice at the local park. ”

tombrooks, “some people will do anything to get in the “Radio business” ”

As you can see, SHILLS, disinformation, and again their normal pattern of making the little guy be the problem, the bad persons, the bad guy, while our officials and such are oh so good. With the exception of two people there was nothing but garbage there.


Maybe there is hope. If more wake up. But I got to tell you, I am tired of waking people.

On other thing, darn, I didn’t get to participate. Cause I didn’t HEAR about it because I blacklist FACEBOOK.COM

Great Idea! How about you start a business to take the place of Air America to get those left-leaning ideas on the airwaves instead of forcing a sucessful business to change a business model that is working for them? Take it upon yourself to change what you see is wrong rather than have the government infringe upon sacred rights just to satisfy your weird brand of “fair.” This “Entitlement Attitude” is really killing this country, not big businesses, not the mortgage crisis, not the ballooning deficit. Goodbye Sweet America!

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