Clear Channel ends “Green 960” in San Francisco; KKGN’s new line-up will include Glenn Beck

Clear Channel to End Progressive Talker KKGN in San Francisco.  The progressive talk programming currently heard on KKGN, San Francisco – Green 960 – will not go away entirely; it’ll be available online and on the HD-2 channel of sister oldies KKSF-FM, but since so few people have HD radios anyone seeking shows such as Dial Global’s Stephanie Miller and Thom Hartmann and Compass Media Networks’ Norman Goldman will have to find them online.  The “death” of Green 960 comes as Clear Channel makes other changes to its Bay Area talk programming.  In the New Year, KKGN flips calls to KNEW, picks up the Fox News Radio affiliation and a new lineup including Glenn Beck in AM drive, followed by Dave Ramsey, thenPremiere’s Randi Rhodes (the only holdover from Green 960), and Fox News Radio’s John Gibson.  Back at what is currently KNEW (910 AM), that station will take on new calls KKSF and become “San Francisco’s Talk 910 – KKSF.”  Armstrong & Getty (piped in from Sacramento) remain in mornings with Dial Global’s Clark Howard, Fox News Radio’s Tom Sullivan and a local PM drive show yet to be announced.  What does this mean for the progressive format?  Obviously it is a setback for the struggling format, simply because of the loss of a major market.  Some observers will point to this situation as an example of the format’s inherent weakness by saying it can’t even make it in San Francisco – one of the most liberal regions in the nation.  However others will note that it is harder for a radio format targeted to a political orientation to make it in an area heavily populated by like-minded people because it doesn’t serve a unfilled need.  Radio, being a niche medium, often works best in an area where the targeted audience is in the minority and it thus serves to galvanize a critical mass necessary to support a format.  That is likely the case in San Francisco.

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“Smart people” can use all the decent media they can get—and shouldn’t
shrug off Clear Channel’s toxic influence, and not only in SF but coast to coast.

KQED may have SOME good points, but personally I stopped listening when they were cheerleading the war into Iraq. I’m not so sure how “smart” people—who I would think would think carefully before welcoming war—can listen to them anymore. KQED mostly airs NPR shows; my husband and I started calling it “National Pentagon Radio” during those days and stopped listening and contributing to them.

I think this move is a concerted effort by Clear Channel to stop progressive voices in the run-up to the 2012 election. And just on a personal note, I don’t know what I’ll do without Thom or Stephanie in the morning. If I’m not at the computer, there will be no voices for me, and I can’t afford satellite radio in my car. It’s a sad, sad day.

I agree with Judy, I will seriously miss Stephanie’s morning show and Thom’s brilliant and informative dialogs with “Cons” because I live in the South Bay. I bought a “boombox” that can receive “HD2” radio, but discovered KKSF’s HD2 signal does not make it to my part of the Bay Area, and I cannot simply add an outdoor FM antenna to improve my reception of KKSF-FM103.7. I get their analog signal just fine, but the HD2 signal is not there, period.

As much as I dislike the thought, it looks like I will have to sign up for DSL at my home so I can listen to my favorite programs via “Internet Radio” (which is not radio at all!, but that’s another matter for another time.)

The real bummer will be my car, where KQED-FM, the most heavily commercial “non-commercial” FM station has already been banned as National Propaganda Radio. KPFA is still alive and well, and I have been a paying member of KPFA for a very long time, but there are times, and 7 am is one of them, when I want to hear some “politics mixed with fart jokes” and KPFA doesn’t provide that.

Looks like I will be using my MP3 player a lot more and downloading “podcasts” as a way of listening to my favorites. Unfortunately, because they will all be time delayed, the immediacy of radio will be gone. Thanks a lot, Clear Channel!

This is truly a sad state for Bay Area radio. Not only do we lose the progressive voices on Green 960 we are losing the moderate to progressive voices on KGO. The only talk formats remaining are all right wing on KSFO except for Randi Rhodes. Cumulus and Clear Channel are eliminating any voices other than the right wing whack jobs.

I agree about this is sad. The Bay Area used to have the best radio in just KGO, add the Green 960 broadcasts, and we truly had both left and right stations, with KGO being most balanced alone. The change is an escalation on the war against critical thinking Americans. We are in for dark days. If you have not seen the movie ‘Idiocracy’, watch it and I believe you will see an insight to our future. Very sad indeed.

What can we do to ensure that Thom and Stephanie will come back to us? This is just ridiculous and wrong! Clear Channel, you’re jerks and stupid for letting such talent go! What’s wrong with you people?

It’s not surprising that Clear Channel would finally move against their natural enemy and turn up the pressure driving this country towards the Neo-Feudalist corporate Nirvana they stand to benefit from as we complete our downward slide to third world status. It’ll be up to us to respond with an aggressive boycott of the new “Pod People” radio drivel they plan to hammer us with. As if there weren’t enough smug right wing corporatists polluting the air with fact-free/distorted “Fox” style crap already, jeez.

Right… Even if you accept that only 50% of the country is liberal (and way more if you poll issue-by-issue instead of by label), there’s clearly a huge audience.
The issue is simply that right wing talkers serve the interests of the media conglomerates who now own the airways.
Not really complicated.

This, along with the wholesale gutting of KGO, is devastating news.

Terrible day.

How sad, really, for the “Progressive” bay area community as noted above. NPR – National Pentagon Radio, Really, Judy? What planet do you live on? You are probably a big fan of Hugo Chavez, am I right? What mindless stupidity you represent.

I listen to Stephanie Miller for entertainment. She is the Queen of Snark, along with her laughing jackals who think they are the most cleaver humans to have ever lived on earth. Yet her lack of formal education is on display daily as Chris has to constantly correct her mispronunciation of words and concepts.
She is also a Class-A hypocrite re: her Sexy Liberal Show. She overtly professes to be an environmentalist, yet with all her air travel leaving contrails crisscross-crossing the skys over
America, the SLS has a carbon footprint the size of Texas. What a phony she is. A typical Hollywood liberal. So sorry, bay area progressives! You’ll just have to make the effort to go to HD2 or on the net. “Devastating news”

Excuuse me..”Radio, being a niche medium, often works best in an area where the targeted audience is in the minority and it thus serves to galvanize a critical mass necessary to support a format. That is likely the case in San Francisco. ” There AIN’T
no liberal radio where liberals are in the minority. That’s why I hate to visit Las Vegas.
Phoenix has a progressive station, but it goes down to 500 watts at sundown, so if you live in an outlying area, forget receiving anything at night. There are large areas of the country where no voices are heard that are not “conservative.” If Barry Goldwater was the father of modern conservatism, he is rolling over in his grave at the things that today’s conservatives
advocate. They wouldn’t even let him in their party–not that I believe he would want to be a part of it anyway. And then there’s Glen Beck–“You’ve got to shoot them in the head”–which is exactly what his disciple Jared Loughner did to Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.
When are we going to wake up and recognize the damage the so-called conservative
philosophy is doing to America? Once upon a time, Republicans actually DID work with Democrats for the good of the nation, not for the good of the 1%.
Long live the Occupy Movement!

In the words of Will Smith, “Welcome to Miami.” South Florida lost its progressive station in 2009 before Air America Radio imploded in 2010, just in time to limit coverage of the Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court. Our station is about 1/3 of its liberal ratings now that it is the area’s #5 sports format, as are others forced to change. Ed Schultz has noted how liberal stations claim to be unable to make money despite decent ratings. Are we going to have to arm ourselves with Chapter 15 AM radio transmitters to create a swarm of micro-stations?

So, this will leave the most progressive city in the country with three right-wing hate talk radio stations, and nothing for progressives. You can’t convince me this is ratings-based…Stephanie and Co. come to SF and sell out the Warfield for two nights. This is agenda-driven.

Hey Scott Dye, its guys like you who give smug redneck jerks a bad name. Why torture yourself living in a progressive, open-hearted, liberal area? Wouldn’t you be happier in Idaho or Wyoming on some skinhead compound sharpening battle weapons looking forward to the big killing spree? Please, go worship and suck up to the 1% of worthy ones somewhere else.

I know the 1% has been whittling away on democracy for the past 30 years, but I didn’t realize we had reached the tipping point into a fascist state until I heard this news today.

If we don’t have access to information ….we cannot have a democracy. If we only have propaganda we have finally arrived at Orwell’s “1984”. Big Brother (already spying on us via our little cell phones) is here. . War is now Peace and the Ministry of Truth is doing a great job of doublespeech.

I’m old…don’t have too many more years …but there are young people out there like my grandchildren… destined to be the proles of tomorrow.

“Nothing for Progressives”?? Fascist State? Big Brother?? Don’t make me laugh Hey, Ganny BG, Bayman, and Jeff et al. Have you ever heard of Democracy Now!, Amy Goodman, KPFA, KALW??? I can’t believe that you all are so out of touch with REAL progressive radio –not the commercial mindless pap represented by, for instance, The Stephanie Miller Show.
Amy is brilliant and runs circles around ANYONE on 960, and you know it. Or you SHOULD know it.
If you don’t know of Amy Goodman, take a listen on KPFA 94.1.

Jeff, who is the smug, closed minded one? No part of my surface anatomy is “red”.
Why don’t you listen to Amy? She just might broaden your horizons a tinsy bitty, bit.

This is a travesty! I live in San DIego and we don’t even have a progressive radio anymore.

We used to get Ed Schultz and Randi Rhodes here about 5 years ago, until those stations went all conservative and dumped them both. It’s unfortunate that the WRONG-wing lies of the conservatives continue to spread with unlimited funds financing their continuing to take over the airwaves.

The only place I can get Randi and Ed now are online via torrents, and even those are hard to find: The uploader happens to be in San Francisco!

AM Radio is dead or listened to by right wing idiots. Most shows are available without commercials via podcast or listened to live via smart phones, computers or satellite radio . That is the future.

Alan Fisher sounds a tad elitist to my aging, poverty stricken ears. Me thinks he is overlooking large numbers of: the elderly, the poor, the ill….and… oh yes, people who drive cars. That is the now.

…as to the future he speaks of: well…the middle class is disappearing and what little wealth they once had has been usurped by the bankers and 1% who prey on people around the world and are gutting America for their own profit.

Well, Alan, I am a proud progressive who would prefer to listen to my progressive talkers live on the radio. I can’t always be sitting at my computer, and I can’t afford either a smart phone or satellite radio. This is nothing more, in my opinion, than a concerted effort to further dumb down the masses and limit real debate in this country about how we govern ourselves and how we take care of our citizenry. Although I don’t listen to right-wing radio wackadoodles, I believe that all voices and opinions should be aired. It saddens me that people on the right don’t agree.

This is really a sad day for free speech and radio, and yet another effect of the end of the Fairness Doctrine that Reagan put into motion back in 1987. This doctrine grew out of concern that because of the large number of applications for radio stations being submitted and the limited number of frequencies available, broadcasters should make sure they did not use their stations simply as advocates with a singular perspective. Rather, they must allow all points of view. That requirement was to be enforced by FCC mandate.

As for the comments from Scott Dye about Stephanie Miller being an environmentalist but using airplanes to get to her gigs….That’s such a weak, ridiculous argument! First of all, we ALL depend on airplanes and automobiles to get from one place to the other. There’s not other way to get to NY overnight if you work Mon-Fri in LA then have yet another job/show to do over the weekend. There are so many other ways to be an environmentalist other than avoiding basic transportation. You probably think that snow storms also mean that there’s no Global Warming. Stephanie Miller’s insightful knowledge and commentary about the news far outweighs her comedy bit about mispronouncing words. Please find something stronger than that to try and put down Progressive radio.

Well, Stephanie asked that we be civil but @#$#%@# it. Look, Green 960 was great for the morning commute but if you live in the East Bay once the sun starts going down so does Green 960. The signal is so weak that listening to Malloy or even the end of Norman Goldman’s show was close to impossible. So if you can’t reach your audience because your signal sucks, blame the programming. And I will take it out on Clearchannels sponsors. I have always supported progressive advertisers, ask Carbonite and Cedarcide and Farm Fresh Flowers, etc. Sorry Clearchannel, you give up on us, we give up on you.

I’ve been listening to Thom Hartmann since about 2005. I have learned so much from his program!

This is clearly not a market-based decision: there is more of a listener base for progressive radio here than conservative radio.

Signal strength makes a difference, though – we lose the signal at night where I live, too. Interrupting regular programming for sports shows was irritating – I’m guessing Clearchannel never interrupted programming on its conservative station, which has a much stronger signal.

So it looks as if the programming choices by Clearchannel are purely political and propagandistic. Glenn Beck in SF and the Bay Area? You’ve got to be kidding. There’s a market demand for THAT? Yeah, sure.

We do not need you to change the format of KKGN. Your format there is just fine as it is at the present time. When you change, you will lose me as a customer. I will have to buy a HD FM System.

I do not need to see, hear, feel, think, or talk about Glenn Beck and others of his ilk. He’s a bully just like Rush and O’Reilly.

Please return to your recent schedule.

Wow this is rediculous.
Well there are other ways to listen. I donwloaded iheartradio to my black berry and connected it to the auxillery in my car and listen to other progressive stations such as AM 620 KPOJ The Mic 92.1 and 880 The Revolution. At least they have Thomm and Steph on at the right times along with Ed Schultz.
Enjoy while we can until they gobble those stations up too.
Irony or no? 11 months away from the vote and and they are pulling out all the stops. Take over the airways and spew lies and venom.

I really abhor the use of OUR public airwaves for propagand and pap particularly when it is clearly 1% propaganda and pap.

We are well on our way to an Idiocracy as it is. It isn’t a democracy when wealth rules…but it could be called an oligarchy (rule by the few for the few).


Progressives have not entirely disappeared from 960. Thom Hartmann is on the 9-midnight time slot and Mike Malloy is now on from midnight to 3 am. I hear they don’t publish the schedule after midnight so you wouldn’t know Malloy is on otherwise.

I miss Stephanie, Thom, and Norman. Stephaine’s show always made me smile in the mornings. I will move back to KPFA but there are just not as fun.

We have been slowly cornered out of the air waves. I live near the delta where I can barely pick up Sacramento and SF stations.
Sacramento’s former Air America station is gone along with the entire Air America network, NPR (which is the least psychotically right of state/corporate controlled-radio) is not available in many areas to fill the gap and now “Green 960” is history.

In fact anything that is good and happy on the air is going away and being replaced with meanness, vicious war rhetoric and pro-corporate garbage…anyone remember San Francisco’s energy 92.7 FM ?

I don’t buy the line that these stations aren’t pulling their weight: This IS a conspiracy to control and manipulate and destroy the last hints of truthful investigative reporting in the interest of the “1%”…imagine they are killing off profitable radio stations followed by the masses with what amounts to pocket change to them

Progressive radio is not dead! We have to figure out how to pay for it. Just like the community of Green Bay Wisconsin owns the NFL team the Packers. We can own the airwaves as progressives. I don’t know how or when but it is going to happen. The reason I say this is because there are too many of us out here.

For now I am listening to liberal radio on my IPad.

…and some would say in an election gear right wing clear channel are doin it for their minions & stooges in reactionary politics

Citizens United will make a liberal network, or even a confederacy of liberal radio stations, nearly impossible. Thank you Chris Matthews for mocking Howard Dean in 2004 for his desire to break up media conglomerates. In the short term, we will have to use Chapter 15 AM transmitters and do our own advertising to fill the gap whether in San Francisco or in South Florida. Complain to motel chains who have HBO but neither MSNBC nor Current TV.

This is what the Far Right-Tea Party-GOP types mean when they talked about “freedom.” It’s the freedom of powerful vested interests — often in league with their sock puppets in government — to abuse power to shut up the opposition. Stephanie Miller, Thom Hartmann, Randi Rhodes etc. must return to the public airwaves!

It is my opinon that Clear Channel killed prgressive radio to support the right wing and the one-percent. Why not just follow R. Murdock’s Faux News format of lies and misinformation.” Land of the free” my backside. Freedom only exists if you have the money to buy it. The truth should be mandatory for all broadcasters. Which would eliminate most Fox based, right wing leaning radio. I listened to 960 because I didn’t have to spend extra time fact checking. The right doesn’t care if they tell the truth. And
Glenn Beck is not worth turning Shame on you Clear Channel, for turning off truth in the Bay Area.

Look at the bright side; ClearChannel may be gone by 2016 in Bain Capital’s track records keeps on its path, according to a caller to THE RANDI RHODES SHOW. If it was a public company, a band of rebel stock owners could at least make a stand for liberal talk. Now if it was just easier to get Stephanie Miller on uStream and Thom Hartmann on LiveStream.

It is March 28, 2012. Yesterday, Spokane (WA) Progressive Talk Radio, KPTQ 1280 AM was reformatted to Country Classic by Clear Channel. The change was made with no announcement, no apologies. This was the only progressive station in town, against many other conservative stations. This is the right wing part of a generally progressive state, being only 10 miles from Idaho, so having at least one place where us progressives can actually hear anything more than regurgitated FOX misinformation and all that goes along with it was really important. This is the home of Sen Patty Murray, who they want to go away, and the fact that it is happening just before a Presidential Election cannot be a coincidence. There has to be a way to combat this kind of event and turn it around. We need help.

Once a progressive…always a progressive. They may switch off all of our radio stations and connections to the “good guys” in the day, but we watch MSNBC at night and Free Speech where we can find Ed and Thom. It only makes me want to tell more people to vote. Maybe someday we can squeeze the greedy @$#%^ out!! It will only be then that we will truely have a democracy instead of an alagarchy.

Spokane ……KFPT 1280 cut “because of ratings?” ……when pigs fly…..

IT would be great to just go to cable to get the Ed Show and all the rest, but in Spokane the cable company, Comcast, does not include any progressive channels in their Basic Cable Pkg, which is all that many of us can afford. They do include Fox, however, so you see which way that goes. Not one to blame things on conspiracies, but…..

This is to Doug…..I am near the Spokane area too.
I called up the studio for Ed Schultz and found out the only way (other than the TV) to tune into the progressive station is to sign up for sirius……..again…… is an extra cost.
We get everyone on Dish but that isn’t that cheap either. It is too bad this can not be brought to the attention of the news media…..but…oops…..look who I’m talking about…..probably the very people who are bank rolling the black out of progressive news media!! There has to be justice somewhere……It feels the rise of the third Reich.

I purchased a one-year “recession buster” subscription to Ed Schultz for $25. You can download the daily podcast — commercial free — every day. I listen to them either on my computer’s media player or on an inexpensive MP3 player with ear buds. However, both Ed Schultz and Thom Hartmann are schills for the Democratic Party of Today… not your FDR Democrats!

If you want to hear very progressive interviews, I suggest you check out Peter B. Collins. His interviews are exceptional, and often with Sibel Edmonds of the Boiling Frogs Post. They have had an excellent series on the Police State which is not in the process of arriving, but has already arrived. Peter is from the Bay Area.

As to voting to change anything… dream on. The citizens’ votes have been stolen by implementation of the privatized, computerized voting system. Check out Brad Friedman’s website:

If you want to understand how the shadow government and the CIA are controlling the US government, please visit Russ Baker’s website: Read his book: Family of Secrets. It’s meticulously researched and loaded with references to back up his claims.

@ Bonnie Jo, Thanks for the comments. I am well fitted out with computer power so I can manage my input of progressive views, but I am concerned for the many people I have met who think like us (after all they keep electing Patty Murray, a key Dem in DC), but are either afraid to speak their minds out loud or feel that the culture would not think kindly if they did. I have only lived here for 4 years, and normally I am a bit outspoken, but I certainly feel the resistance and see the scowls and hear the cat calls when I do open up my mouth. Not the same as San Diego or San Francisco my old home towns. I have heard that the Spokane area is about 40% Democrat, but you would never know it if you see the lack of activity of the party here, or the availability of venues for like minds to get together and plan for political successes, or the radio formats, or the newspaper bias. It is almost as if they Dems have given up trying. Kind of opposite of what one sees in the Seattle or SF area.

@ Doug….You think you feel the pressure?…..I totally relate to your circumstances. We live in the heart of repub country and I do believe every friend we have is a righty. (near CDA) We have learned to not rant…..but simply drop a fact or two once in awhile in conversation about politics. (we call them “Nerve Bombs”). This is the only way we seem to be able to tolorate them and still plant a few seeds. But I know what you mean about Spokane. This is why we stay abreast of the facts with Tom & Ed and the rest of the bunch. I just miss driving to Spokane and listening to my favorite people.

I know some people like to hear both sides and it is a chance for them to broaden their horizons…….but they can’t do that as long as they can no longer pick up 1280 Progressive. I guess this is the objective of the dark side. They can’t win fighting fair so this is what they do.

@ Bonnie Jo, you hit it on the head. With Idaho politicians you have my sincere sympathy and understanding. We love this area, the hills above Spokane Valley, and most of the people are good people, sincere and much more open hearted and neighborly than Southern Calif. but politics are just one subject we never bring up on its face. In an environment like this you learn to “drop those bombs” in a much more subtle way. Most of my friends are well educated academically. They aren’t generally ignorant, just misinformed, and what would one expect when there is nowhere to get accurately, truthfully, intelligent information. The same drivel repeated endlessly eventually becomes “default fact”. It is truly a tragedy. The election is not far off. At least there we can do our part.

@Doug……..”Default fact” I like that…..because it acurately describes how the montras effect people who never hear the other side…….and it just keeps echoing.

Most people I know here (that I would also consider articulate and intelligent) actually have home based businesses where Rush Limbough cuts through the airways all day long. I listen to him once in awhile just to still hear the other side….and I would say…….roughly 80% of the information he spews is either blantantly non factual or has been hugely distorted.

Your right…we just need to see Obama through the election (in this case) without the help of progressive radio in this area. We certainly have our work cut out for us!

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