Anonymous strikes back with massive info dump on senators who passed NDAA!

Anonymous Retaliates: Massive Information dump released on Senators who Passed NDAA

This year’s National Defense Authorization Act passed quickly through the Senate and as expected President Obama signed the bill. 86 Senators in a bipartisan move, signed off on this controversial bill, which opens the door to invasive acts against Americans. Almost everyone has felt the effect of Anonymous’ presence online and off and now, the 86 Senators will feel their ubiquitous presence as well.

The collective activist group just released a massive dump of information, which begins with, ”Robert J. Portman is a Republican Senator from the state of Ohio. He has made himself a target as an advocate of the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act), but we are truly disturbed by the ludicrous $272,853 he received from special interest groups supporting the NDAA bill that authorizes the indefinite detention of U.S. citizens on U.S. soil. Robert J. Portman, we plan to make an example of you.”

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Process this..In our histroy…Martial LAW was already used here. The American Revolution, New Orleans, Louisiana in the War of 1812, The Great Chicago Fire. We have a problem with media directed thinking. Don’t you dare let somebody use subjects you don’t know about to scare you into opinions you would not have formed without fear.

You make a more telling point than you realize.

Often martial law is a temporary step in emergency conditions where civil and law enforcement authority is strained or disrupted. Like the Chicago Fire, the San Francisco earthquake in 1906, or Katrina. In these instances, the martial law is temporary and emergency generated.

Or in some cases, war requires martial law. The war of 1812 (Andrew Jackson in New Orleans) and after Pearl Harbor.

But even in American experience, martial law has been used as a tactic of class oppression – in Couer D’Arlene, in the coal fields of Colorado, on the SF docks in the Depression.

The NDAA hands over civilian powers to the military, judicial powers to the executive, in a period when there is no combat in the United States and no emergency. Thus, as many have argued, it is being used as a tool of oppression, or class oppression.

The 1%, their lackey Presidents Bush and Obama, and their repressive apparatus learned the deterrence and terror creating value of military detention and torture after 9/11. Having hones their skills on terror suspects and detainees, they will now extend these instrumentalities of repression, terror and torture to our citizens.

They will show neither mercy or respect for the rule of law. The way troops slaughtered women and children at Creek.

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