ALERT! The GMO food labeling law will NOT be on the ballot—unless Californians get the signatures!

From Richard Tamm:


NO, the GMO food labeling law will NOT be on the ballot unless they get close to: “800,000 signatures“.  And this will be very hard to accomplish with just volunteers.  We tried it a few years ago with the California Democracy Act.  However, that did not have the best of organizations, and we started collecting signatures late.  There is a possibility this could get on the ballot. but it will take a lot of work, a lot of volunteers, a lot of organization, a lot of money – not just educating people to vote for it once it is on the ballot.  Typically now, the only things that get on the ballot are initiatives where they have a few million to hire signature gatherers.

I just went to their volunteer page which gave a little more information for people who want to pledge to collect signatures:
“I want to help win our right to know about genetically engineered foods in California!

Please contact me, so that I can meet up with local supporters and attend a training session on how to fulfill my signature gathering pledge (required).

I understand that we’ll have about two and a half months for signature gathering, starting January 3, 2011, and ending April 18, 2012, and that, while we need to get 504,760 qualifying signatures to get on the ballot, we should count on gathering 800,000 to make sure we have enough valid signatures.

I can commit to gathering X signatures. That’s X signatures a week for X weeks.”

It’s not impossible – if they have good organization and a large group of dedicated volunteers.  But it will be a real uphill effort.  I sincerely hope they can do it, and I might even volunteer to collect hundreds of signatures myself if I’m not too busy on other causes.


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