Yet another clueless Democrat just barely “loses” in a very fishy way—and lets it go

Concerning this race:


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From: Mark C
Date: Sat, Nov 12, 2011 at 6:54 PM
Subject: Here we go, again.
To: Mark Miller

Hi Mark,

Hope all is well. Just when we think that Democrats have wised up, a 7-term state legislator, Edd Houck, representing a district in relatively progressive Northern Virginia, was officially losing by 86 votes.

Overnight, the Republicans found 300 votes for their candidate, Bryce Reeves, by claiming there had been a “keying error.” Now Virgina is totally controlled by the Republicans.


3 thoughts on “Yet another clueless Democrat just barely “loses” in a very fishy way—and lets it go”

  1. Is this guy clueless? Since when did conservative Spotsylvania County, which put four republicans on its board of supervisors as well as elect ultra conservative Bryce Reeves, become a part of progressive Northern Virginia?

  2. You don’t know that he was elected. There’s no way to know. That—and the sudden
    convenient appearance of those 300 votes—is the point.

    And the point would be the same if it were Democrats who pulled the same maneuver,
    even if the county in question were a “liberal” one.

  3. from @TomLglEdtr “@mcrispinmiller Houck was actually ahead with 100% vote in; then in middle of night, math “error” discovered which put him down 86″

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