Why won’t Obama drop Bush/Rove’s long dirty war against Don Siegelman? And why won’t “the liberal media” ask that question? (MUST-READ)

Siegelman Showdown Nov. 2 Now Hurts Obama, Not Rove
By Andrew Kreig

A legal showdown of historic proportion unfolded Nov. 2 in an Alabama federal court. Squared off in Courtroom B4 beginning at 10 a.m. in Montgomery were the Obama Justice Department and its most important domestic defendant, former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman, once the leading Democrat in his state.

Siegelman wants the government to provide documents proving that Middle District U.S. Attorney Leura Canary really withdrew from the case, as she claimed. The government contends he is not entitled to confidential government documents. After five years Siegelman has finally won a hearing on a request for documents that are central to the 2006 convictions on corruption charges. Middle District U.S. Magistrate-Judge Charles S. Coody presides, sitting under the authority of the district’s Chief Judge Mark E. Fuller.

Beyond that, Siegelman is in the rare position of having witnesses step forward with evidence that his prosecutors and trial judge framed him. Meanwhile, Siegelman has been tried and sentenced to a lengthy prison term in what our Justice Integrity Project, among others, has described as the nation’s most notorious political prosecution in decades.

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