What would happen if 1 million students pledged to withhold their debt payments? Maybe something really good….

What this country needs—and what the Occupation has made possible—is a national campaign to cancel student debt. And we can make this happen, if a million students
pledge to withhold their debt payments from the banks.


From Bertell Ollman:

This original and potentially very important action that requires your immediate action.

It involves circulating a PLEDGE to those who already owe or will soon owe student debts NOT TO PAY THEM AS SOON AS ONE MILLION PEOPLE ALSO SIGN THE SAME PLEDGE.

Please note that no one is being asked to stop paying their debt now, so no one who simply makes
the pledge is risking any punishment. What happens later… well, obviously that will all depend on many things starting with how many people sign it and how far they are willing to go in carrying it out, since individuals who sign can always opt out.

As the number of signers grow, the possible effects range from – at a minimum – making student
debt a major public issue with banks as well as politicians (esp. in this election year) mixing their threats with offers of debt refrom, to – at a maximum – …. well, given the interrelatedness of all our social and economic problems, I won’t deny you the pleasure of giving free rein to your imaginations
on this one.


The pledge—which you can sign if you’re a student, whether debtor or non-debtor, or if you’re on a university or college faculty—is here:


Excerpt from site:

Welcome to the Occupy Student Debt Campaign. This campaign is a response to the student debt crisis and the dependency of U.S. higher education on debt-financing from the people it is supposed to serve. There is no justice in a system that openly invites profiteering on the part of lenders. Education is a right and a public good, and it should be properly funded as such.


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