Walker’s raise may be illegal

Politifactoid parses Walker pay raise
Submitted by Man MKE on Fri, 10/28/2011 – 8:45pm

So after bloggers (including yours truly) pointed out that a chart in the state’s new compensation plan showed a 5.4% pay raise for the governor, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Politifact department issued a “false.” The governor isn’t giving himself a pay raise, Politifact said. Actually, it’s just that he’s already received one.

Oh, well, that’s different. Never mind. NOT.

The importance of Walker earning considerably more than the last guy to sit in his chair isn’t that Wisconsin governors aren’t legally able to receive raises in the same term they’re approved. The state compensation plan and this blog pointed that out up front. Rather, the issue is that Walker took the raise when he assumed office — and did so at the same time he was secretly plotting to cut the compensation of 40,000 state employees by at least the same percentage of his increase, and in some cases more.

Do you ever recall before today’s Politifact piece any mainstream news story pointing out that Walker’s paycheck is about $7,000 greater than Jim Doyle’s? Especially in the context that even before his election, Walker made noise about clawing back public employee compensation? Now, thanks to Politifact’s blunderbuss, lots more people know that Walker is the highest paid Wisconsin governor ever — and that he’s said nothing whatsoever about declining that salary boost that was waiting for him on his new desk.

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