Walker’s goons try to prevent his recall by driving cars at the petitioners. (Was one of them the Racine County Treasurer?)

Driver threatens recallers with car. Rumors connect Racine County GOP Treasurer, Tom Bode
November 30, 2011
By bluecheddar

We’ve all experienced a bit of road rage in our lives. But these anti-recall drivers sound like hell on wheels. Shocking but seems true: the second one could be a Racine County GOP official.

This is from the Racine Journal Times:

“Kelly Gallaher, the organizer for the local progressive group Community for Change,

said when she was with a group of people on Friday near a laundromat by River Run Family Restaurant, 3616 Northwestern Ave., someone sped directly at a group of organizers. People ran out of the way, she said. “It was that close,” Gallaher said.

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