Voting rights landslide in Maine!


But bad news for Mississippi voters…

The voters of Maine appear to have registered a stinging rebuke to their Republican Governor and Legislature’s attempt to kill the state’s 38-year tradition of Election Day voter registration at the polling place.

As the Lewiston Sun Journal reported: “And it wasn’t close.”

That’s an understatement. The People’s Veto of the GOP bill was on the ballot tonight and, if the results are accurate as reported, the people of Maine couldn’t have been clearer. Question 1 has is said to have passed by a remarkable 61 to 39% 60 to 40% margin (with 90% 98% of the results in), quite literally winning in every single county in the state.

Moreover, the unequivocal results may be seen as a direct embarrassment to both Maine’s GOP chair and hit’s Republican Sec. of State who joined with the Governor and Legislature over the past months, in fostering bogus, unsubstantiated claims of “voter fraud” by legal student voters.

Maine’s paper-ballot election offered a stark contrast, however, from results being reported on another voting rights initiative on the ballot in Mississippi, where results are 100% unverifiable…


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