Those collecting signatures for Walker’s recall are now halfway there

Recall Walker Drive Surpassed Halfway Petition Signature Total of 250,000 To Oust Wisconsin Governor
United Wisconsin and the Recall Walker Committee effort to oust Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker projecting that more than 270,000 signatures have been collected, passing the halfway mark.
By H. Nelson Goodson
November 26, 2011

Milwaukee – On Saturday, Recall Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R) projections to collect petition signatures have surpassed all expectations to get more than the minimum required signatures per day needed by organizers to meet the amount of 540,000 mark by January 17. After the Black Friday signature petition drive throughout the state, recall organizers projected that most likely they have surpassed the halfway mark of the 270,000 signatures needed or will reach the halfway target total within days to force an election recall against Governor Walker.

Within the first week of the Walker recall, organizers and volunteers collected at least 105,000 to 107,000 petition signatures within four days of the initial start date (Nov. 15), exceeding all expectations.

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