Scott Walker confident of “victory”

This despite the noisy optimism of progressives—not just in Wisconsin but all over—since Election Day, which showed, they think, that they can kick the right’s ass anywhere they want, and from now on.

Now, maybe Walker’s just pretending. Or maybe he knows something they don’t know (or want to know): that vote suppression and election fraud—via the electronic voting system—can always “win” the day, as long as the election can be made to seem even remotely “close.”

Remember how progressives tried to recall the Waukesha Strangler—and failed? And do you remember how they tried to recall enough Republican state senators (three)—to break the GOP’s majority, and failed? (They recalled two—and saw that as a victory.)

If you remember those two failures, which weren’t very long ago, perhaps you can explain why they (progressives) don’t.

In any case, let’s hope that (a) they do succeed in getting enough signatures to make the recall happen, and then (b) the people of Wisconsin vote for it in such large numbers that the Walker apparat can’t steal enough of those votes to “win” it credibly.

But let’s hope too that (c), if Walker does “prevail” (by using the same measures that most likely “elected” him to start with), progressives don’t just slink away assuming that his “victory” was real, but that they question it aggressively, taking note of all the numbers that just don’t add up, and all the glitches and irregularities and crimes reported on Election Day (by would-be voters and the press), and don’t give up, even if they’re called “sore losers,” until they get some truth, and we all know it.

If they do that, despite their “loss” they will, in fact, have scored a major victory, by finally snapping out their bizarre denial of the election fraud in the United States, so that We the People can at last discuss the necessary radical reform of the preposterous corporate voting system that the far right has been using, for the last ten years, to “win” that way time after time.


One thought on “Scott Walker confident of “victory””

  1. At first I was surprised to see a far right, borderline fascist Republican appear on a network that wasn’t FOX “News”- Republicans, appearently, can only operate in the blissful cocoon of safety, security, and comfort that the parallel universe of the far right-wing media empire provides them. Then I saw that Walker was being interview on CNN by Erin Burnett (or whatever her name is), and realised that Scott Walker should feel right at home.

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