Salon pooh-poohs claim of Sofitel conspiracy to bring down DSK

The Strange Argument That Dominique Strauss-Kahn Was Set Up
By Irin Carmon, Salon
Posted on November 29, 2011, Printed on November 30, 2011

It is, apparently, far easier to believe many things — or at least to suggest them — than it is to believe that Dominique Strauss-Kahn sexually assaulted a maid at the Sofitel in New York on May 14.

That includes believing, for example, that there is a conspiracy afoot that all of Strauss-Kahn’s resources and lawyers and investigators have been unable to definitively unearth, but that Edward Jay Epstein, writing in the New York Review of Books and the Financial Times, can help us glimpse, even if he won’t spell it out entirely. (The criminal case against DSK collapsed because of the prosecutor’s doubts about the accuser’s credibility; her civil case is pending.)

The problems begin with the passive headline, “What happened to Dominique Strauss-Kahn?” and the declaration that “May 14, 2011, was a horrendous day” for DSK. It cannot be denied that it’s very unpleasant to be arrested for sexual assault and attempted rape, even for a man less famous than DSK. But you could also argue that it’s even more unpleasant to be allegedly sexually assaulted by a wealthy and powerful man, which is Nafissatou Diallo’s side of the story.

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