“Rove’s partner stole my election” (Interview with Don Siegelman)

Don Siegelman: Abramoff’s New Book and What It Reveals About Me and My Case
By Joan Brunwasser (about the author)
My guest today is former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman*. Welcome back to OpEdNews, Don. Jack Abramoff’s got a new book out. What does that have to do with you?

Jack Abramoff, Karl Rove’s bag man, in his new book, confesses that he funneled $20 million dollars into Alabama to defeat me and my education Lottery proposal. I was trying to get a lottery to fund free college education for all Alabama high school graduates. Abramoff says that I was his number one problem and that he had to “stop” me.

Abramoff’s partner was Mike Scanlon, who was my Republican opponent’s former congressional staffer. My opponent Bob Riley had Karl Rove/Abramoff connections before getting into the race against me. I am quite sure he had gotten assurances from Abramoff and Scanlon that they would help him on the front end and, keep in mind, that after I won, the two people who got credit for stealing my election were Dan Gans (a Riley staffer) who went to work for Abramoff immediately after the election and Karl Rove’s partner, Kitty Mc Collough who later got married and changed her name to Kelly Kimbrough…Oh, by the way, it was Karl Rove’s client, the state Attorney General, who started the investigation and it was Karl Rove’s client who stopped me from having a recount after my election was stolen.

Anyway, this is only the tip of the Abramoff/Rove iceberg. We know, for example, that Abramoff was paying George Berger, a political consultant, to help run my opponent’s campaign. He worked out of the offices of the Business Council of Alabama. The other big time political operative who was running my opponent’s campaign was Bill Canary, the husband of my prosecutor. Bill Canary is Rove’s best friend and business partner in Alabama and is President of the Business Council of Alabama.

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