Robo-calls “for” #OWS are meant to turn recipients AGAINST it

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Robocall from “Justice for All”

Just got a robo call on my cell phone from an organization calling themselves “Justice for All.” They support the Occupy movement, as I do, but I don’t want them calling me anymore and using up my cellphone minutes. Their number came up as “Unavailable.” Can’t find anything about them via Google. Anyone heard of them, and know how to reach them? I want to tell them to take me off their call list. (I’m already on the National Do Not Call registry.)
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My gut reaction? False flag operation from funded political operatives to discredit OWS and piss off call recipients. I can’t find anything resembling an OWS “Justice for All” org yet.
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One thought on “Robo-calls “for” #OWS are meant to turn recipients AGAINST it”

  1. The calls are articulate, support the #OWS goals and do not ask for money or action to be taken, so one might consider going with those facts rather than a “gut” reaction based on lack of information. I’ve listened to them all the way through. And yes they are a mystery.

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