Poll worker bites Ohio voter on the nose

Voter in Cuyahoga County says he was bitten on the nose by poll worker
Man says he got involved in fight over signs
Posted: 3:20 PM
By: Ellen McGregor, newsnet5.com
Tracy Carloss contributed to this report

CLEVELAND – A voter in Cuyahoga County told NewsChannel5 he was bitten in the nose by an Election Day rover.

The alleged physical assault happened at the polling location outside Gloria Day Evangelica Lutheran Church on Memphis Avenue in Brooklyn Tuesday afternoon.

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2 thoughts on “Poll worker bites Ohio voter on the nose”

  1. “…ascess and assist with problems in the election process”- that sounds like ALEC, American for Posperity, and Karl Rove’s code for supression, intimidation and obstruction of any and all (especially people of color) non GOP voters. This poor guy looks like this psychopath tried to bite his nose off. This country has truely gone off the deep end- especially the far right-wing.

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