On Facebook, activists are slandered & harassed by rightist trolls, or banned

Facebook Opens Doors To A New Way of Suppressing Information, Activists Constantly Banned
November 13, 2011
By Segway Jeremy Ryan

Suppression of information has existed for quite some time. It used to be easy for the billionaires of society to control the message that got out. You had Fox News on the right and MSNBC on the left, but in reality they were all just a system of controlling what gets out and what does not. This has worked quite well for them…until now. In this day and age, people are switching away from traditional media and into the realm of social network sites like Twitter and Facebook to get their news. Sites like Addicting Info, from which you read this post, can then get the full story and share it and people will actually be able to access it and find it easily. Articles are shared on Facebook as quickly as a press of a button. But this creates obstacles for the people who want to control the message. So what do they do now? Well, in some instances, they take the source of information out.

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