Occupy Iowa Caucuses!

Tue, 11/01/2011 – 11:42pm —
Matt Taylor
‘Occupy’ Movement To Swarm Iowa Caucuses

The Occupy Wall Street movement is getting ready to occupy the presidential campaign.

Iowa activists are planning to “shut down” campaign offices of all presidential contenders in the week leading up to the Jan. 3 caucuses in the hope that direct confrontation with the political system — at a time when hundreds of journalists will have descended on the state to cover the first official battle in the Republican presidential primary campaign — will focus national debate on income inequality, money in politics, and the needs of the “99 percent.”

“Not just in Iowa but nationally, there’s a tremendous debate about whether to be involved in electoral politics at all,” said David Goodner, a community organizer with Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement and a regular at the Occupy Des Moines protest. “But the Occupy Wall Street movement isthe third-party candidate, and so we’re not going to lift up an individual as a candidate. We’re not going to do anything to help elect anybody.”

The plan, which was first reported by CNN’s Shannon Travis, was approved by the Occupy Des Moines’ general assembly on Monday night.

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