Obama’s DHS trumps up a charge of “child pornography” to destroy an artist/filmmaker

For more—and to donate to this man’s defense fund—go to http://www.lawrencebroselegaldefensefund.com/.


The Martyrdom of Lawrence Brose
Avant-garde artist denies Homeland Security child porn charges
Published: Wednesday, November 23, 2011 6:10 PM CST

The entire weight of the US Department of Homeland Security, set up to protect us from terrorists, is being used to crush an avant-garde queer filmmaker and visual artist who has created more than 30 experimental films since 1983 that deal largely with homosexuality, homophobia, AIDS, and related topics –– yet there has been hardly a word written about this case in the LGBT press and nary a squeak of protest from treasury-rich national gay institutions.

Lawrence Brose, now 60 years old, was a well-known member of Western New York’s artistic community, the long-time executive director of Buffalo’s CEPA Gallery –– a distinguished haven for the visual arts –– and a noted advocate for public arts funding when he was arrested in November 2009 by agents of the Department’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement division (ICE) and charged with possession of what the federal government claimed was “child pornography.”

“There is no allegation of Brose creating these images, sending the images on to anyone else, or trying to make contact with minors,” Brose’s attorney, Paul Cambria, said.

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